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Legend11 said:
OriGin said:
I just gotta say this... I'm sure i'll piss people off but I don't care. LAIR looks fantastic graphically. LAIR looks like a SHIT game to play. Once again Factor 5 focus on graphics and technology rather than focusing on the things that count. WTF is with the damn clipping, it makes the game look SO bad. Once again - and anyone can mark my words, Lair is going to bomb. It'll do OKAY in the first month and then disappear from existence before hitting 500,000k as it is swallowed in Heavenly Swords brilliance.

I don't get it, Factor 5's last game (Star WArs Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike) received reviews in the 7.5-8.5 range while NInja Theory's last game (Kung Fu Chaos) received reviews in the 6.3-7.3 range yet your're slamming Factor 5's game based on past efforts while praising Ninja Theory's game? I just don't see the logic.

I'm not really 'slamming' LAIR because of Factor 5's past efforts and then praising Heavenly Sword because of Ninja Theory's last game.

Logically both teams are in a different position than when those other games were produced.

I'm disappointed with Lair and I'm impressed with HS and its a pity that you focussed on that one small part of my post when really I just think Lair is going to be crap!  Some people might like it, yes, but from my perspective and a Sales perspective I think Lair is going to be a big bad flop.

Can you honestly say that you think Lair sounds fantastic, the best thing to play?

I'll go into a bit more detail.

It looks virtually impossible to actually aim the fire balls at other riders, everyone that I've seen playing it and every impression I hear about the game talks about the same stuff... there doesn't seem to be any kind of lock on and the people playing are constantly 'spamming' fire balls all over the place and when they hit enemies it just seems completely random.  I sure hope they add in a Panzer Dragoon'esk lock on aiming system (the fireballs would look much better if they didn't just fly in a straight line as well)

I don't think it is something that the developers can fix any more either, they are too far along in development, from the stages of Alpha and Beta testing that the games will reach its really not possible for them to fundamentally change the way the game plays that much without a MASSIVE delay.

The game is a great technical showcase of what the PS3 can do graphically, the graphics are amazing, overly stunning infact look at the shaders being used in the water, the hide of the dragons, the armour, the smoke and the lighting... all brilliant looking stuff with all of that though the collision detection looks horrible, there is insane clipping all over the place and I sure hope they fix the collision detection before the launch of the game because that Uncanny Valley is starting to crack right open on Lair (when something looks so realistic and then there are massive imperfections like the clipping it just looks whack).

I'm not going to go into why I think Heavenly Sword will be great, I think i've justified my reasons well enough for why I don't like Lair.