I'm gonna take my PAL (EU) ps3 with me to Japan tomorrow. I have serched the web for threads of people using their ps3 consoles in Japan but couldn't find clear-cut answers. There are countless threads about people important them from Japan which seems to be a more commom case.

The wiki on the ps3 hardware says that the power unit is universal, even though your console will only indicate local input requirement. 220V-240V for me.


The power supply can operate on both 60 Hz and 50 Hz power grids. It uses a standard C14 IEC connector and a C13 power cord appropriate for the region it is being used in. The power supply on the "fat" model is capable of delivering approximately 380 W, although the PS3 has never been measured using this much power. The power supply was reduced to 250 watts in the 120 GB "Slim" model. PS3 Slim models have labels indicating localized input requirements for power (110V 60Hz for North American and Japanese models and 220-240V 50Hz for European and Australian models), however teardowns have revealed the power supplies are still universal.


So, does anybody know if I need to get a transformer / converter or what else I would need to be able to use it in Japan. Of course, I know I will need a japanese power cord for it. I think a pc one will do.

Other than that I couldn't find a clear-cut answer on what needs to be done.

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