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Legend11 said:
OriGin said:
I just gotta say this... I'm sure i'll piss people off but I don't care. LAIR looks fantastic graphically. LAIR looks like a SHIT game to play. Once again Factor 5 focus on graphics and technology rather than focusing on the things that count. WTF is with the damn clipping, it makes the game look SO bad. Once again - and anyone can mark my words, Lair is going to bomb. It'll do OKAY in the first month and then disappear from existence before hitting 500,000k as it is swallowed in Heavenly Swords brilliance.

I don't get it, Factor 5's last game (Star WArs Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike) received reviews in the 7.5-8.5 range while NInja Theory's last game (Kung Fu Chaos) received reviews in the 6.3-7.3 range yet your're slamming Factor 5's game based on past efforts while praising Ninja Theory's game?  I just don't see the logic.

Its called an opinion, you keep using words like slamming in your posts legend and methodically accuse people of being biased.