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dany612 said:
HappySqurriel said:

Being that the vast majority of people will choose to buy (or not to buy) a gaming system based on how well it functions as a gaming device, and very few people will choose to buy (or not to buy) a gaming system based on its non-gaming functions, I think that far too many people are far too focused on what kinds of non-gaming functionality are built into these systems ...

Having one in all package is a good thing not a bad one. If I can listen to my mp3 music on my gaming device rather then having both in my poket, then it's far more convenient. The same with a cell phone, having a camera, etc. I don't know why you all try to turn this into a negative scene. We would of bought the device because of the video games and gameplay regardless but having these features just adds flavor. 

Its very obvious he isnt trying to turn this in a negative scene. Hes simply questioning the worth of focusing on non gaming quality. Lets see what Nintendo think of that. Honestly, I would also be surprise if they heavily focus on those functions in their advertisements.

Between, your confusing voice over IP or text over IP (it already exist) with cell phone functionality.