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The 3DS is Capable of Cell Phone Functionality OMG! Remember the good old days of picto-chat? Yeah nah, me either. The Nintendo 3DS, which will be released in late February in Japan and someday in March in the West, has yet to release specific information regarding the 3DS's online operations. Will it have a universal friend code? Will it stick to the same online model as the Wii and cause anger to some fans? These questions have yet to be answered. With rumors of a PSP phone and PSP2 having some form of cell phone functionality surfacing how is Nintendo going to strike back? Of course Nintendo doesn't have to respond in any way. It's not likely for it to be even a threat. 

There is data supporting the notion that one would rather carry a cell phone then a gaming device. So how can Nintendo MAKE their users carry their 3DS as well? It has already shown off it's tag mode and other functionalities to connect with other 3DS. Though it lacks one thing. Users will have connection limited to only the 3DS. Here's my idea:

The 3DS is indeed capable of cell phone functionality without a doubt. It can connect wirelessly to any Wi-Fi hotspot. Yesterday my friend chatted me on Facebook and it gave me a brilliant idea. She no longer had a cell phone and she wanted me to show her how to set up Yahoo Messenger so she could send SMG messages. So Nintendo could easily partner with or create their own 'app' for texting..FREE texting!

*Girls screaming all over the world and some boys*

There is so many benfifits to this. It's a great feature that would attract a huge population of people without cell phones. Afterall we spent most of our day at home. It would give many people the oppurtunity to text friends and family. The more people that carry and use the 3DS the more likely scene of them buying gaming software. Why? Well come on! You can't have a Nintendo product and not buy Super Mario games.

Later on the generation when they make improvements Nintendo can also come up with a plan to allow users to be able to have a 3G connection. I've seen some of those USB connections at Wal-Mart for 3G connectivity. Consumers have a choice and if they like something they see they will buy it (Wii Fit-Kinect). Don't want 3G connection? Then don't use it. Along with 3D video chat! (Hopefully they upgrade the camera resolution)

Movies on 3DS, huge glasses-free push?

So 3D movies without the use of 3D glasses.........HOW COOOL IS THAT?!! Nintendo along with movie production companies can team up to advertise their 3D movies. When a movie comes out on store retail one sees a commercial for it. With a 3D movie or when any movie comes out, they can also inlude within the commercial that it is available to see (glasses free) on the 3DS. In stores the 3DS movies can be placed along side its non 3D glasses free brothers and sisters so people don't mistake it for a video game.

They also need to post banners saying the following:

Nintendo 3DS

-3D glasses free

Play your favorite games in 3D!

-Watch 3D movies

-Online capabilites. SMG Messaging

- MP3 player!

Well those are my ideas, I thought that I should share them with the VGChartz community. What's your take on this? Comment below!