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kowenicki said:


17 weeks in

Reach (58,372) giving 7,611,603

Halo3 (64,901) giving 7,094,912


Elsewhere after a mere 10 weeks  (10!) all of this:

Kinect Adventures 7,509,846

Kinect Sports 2,405,714

Dance Central 1,480,597

Kinectimals 734,578

Kinect Joy Ride 638,303

Your Shape 586,801

Sonic Free Riders 371,740







The 3 bolded are almost confirmed million sellers. That means of the launch lineup there'll be 5 or so million seller games. Thats a pretty crazy popular launch lineup. Bold and underlined, Kinect Sports will be the first 5M selling new motion controlled game that I am aware of which isn't on a Nintendo console.