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Sony has announced a PlayStation 3 entry in its popular SOCOM series, namely SOCOM Confrontation. Given the abundance of obscenely large weapons, it seems a fair guess that all confrontations in the game will end in violence and battered egos. That's precisely what Sony's counting on, as the game does away with single-player pleasantries and prioritizes online mayhem.

Supporting up to 32 players in battle, Confrontation will launch with five North African themed maps, with further map packs becoming available for download in the PlayStation Store. Outside of conflict, the game will allow you to set up tournaments and clans, access leader boards and completely customize your soldier's appearance. Generally, you'll want to go with a constant frown on that virtual mug. Blissfully smiling soldiers are just begging for bullets, you know.

SOCOM Confrontation is scheduled for release during the holiday season on the PlayStation Network.