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Taz42 said:
I'm pretty sure you'll find different definitions if you look up those words in a dictionary, so it has nothing to do with redefining the english language. They are hardly missusing the words. 'sold' can mean sold to any party. I don't understand why you get so hung up on it to absolutely mean an end-user. I'm sure retailers are paying customers. That said, I'd really like shipped and sold to mean what you said, but your argumentation for the case is pretty weak imho. Ofcourse the difference between sold to retail and what they have left in stock is what has been sold to consumers, but the console manufacturers don't have the current inventory numbers for every retailer in the entire world.

I like this reply.


Because WHO the HELL are they making the damn things for? Are they making 'em for the storeowners? No. Are they making them for the truckers who drive them all across the country? No. Are they making them for the shipcrews who ferry these things across the seven seas? No. Are they making them to please the manufacturers? No. Are they making them for the accountants to write little numbers on the books simply for writing's sake? No. Are they making them for aliens in outerspace to ward off extraterrestial attacks by displaying humanity's grasp of high-technology? No.

They Are Making Them For The Folks Who Are Going To Be USING Them. The USER at the END of the commerce chain. Yes, the end-user. The consumer. The customer.

Argumentation weak? HA. The moment any company forgets this basic rule is the moment they lost touch with reality.

Without me the customer you ain't gon' be in biz'ness, brother! Hahahahahaha!

Retailers? Retailers only care about a box. If it was made for them only, they'd just be selling boxes. Why put anything in them? Just produce boxes and have retailers stock them on shelves. Yeah if it was only about producer and retailer they can just send boxes back and forth between each other while we look on in wonder. Obviously that's not their roles, is it?

It's common sense. Basic English. I don't have to interpret it. It's plain as the nose on your face which is how it always SHOULD be. When it's NOT that's when someone's trying to confuse you. Like Lawyers. Communication has to be clear or what's the point? Right? Words should be taken at face value in an honest exchange.

When companies get of the mindset that you mention, that's when they start to go downhill. Anyone who thinks they're above the paying customer/end-user has the missed the point of why they are in business in the first place. When I hear conversations leaving the buyer out as if that is a non-issue that is when I see a big problem.

These are Sony & Microsoft's practices toward the buyer which is why the prices are the way they are and why manufacturing quality is the way it is. The end-user is seen as assumed. Something to corral like sheep. In the bag. A pawn in a larger playing game. And that's the entirely WRONG attitude.

There should ALWAYS be a buyer-producer link. And it should be STRONG. When I part of my hard-earned dollars to buy your widget, your widget better be damned good and your service better be the same. I should get maximum enjoyment out of my widget and when I do I will buy more of your widgets to reward you. Keep your widgets prices reasonable to the contents of my wallet and you will keep a loyal paying customer. If you're lucky I may entice my hard-earning friends to part of their dollars to buy some of your widgets.

The retailer is the middleman. He is NOT the focus. Sold To Retailer figures are important because they tell END USER the amount of supply of the product. It STILL revolves around the end user. The retailer doesn't exist without the end user. This retailer only sells goods others make. He's nothing without either. And he's actually the weakest in the chain. He's just the revolving door everyone passes.

Shipped numbers are important because it tells customers about supply quantity and prepare middleman retailer to stock appropiately for the buyers of the area.

But TRUE sold numbers are the ones that matter because buyer has to buy from retailer for any of this to make a damn difference. And when retailer can't move producer's stuff don't they make the producer buy it back? If retailer can't move stock doesn't he stop dealing with the producer? Buyer/Consumer/Customer is actually the most important in the chain.

Keep it real, my brotha. Don't EVER forget about the customer.

Shipped means that which is shipped by A SHIP, AIRSHIP (plane), GROUNDSHIP (truck/train).

Sold means that which is sold in a SALE/SELL to someone who BUYS. Someone who buys is a buyer. A retailer is someone who retails. Tails Again. So sold to retailer only means beginning of the tail. He has to tail again by selling these bought pieces to the TRUE buyer getting to the END of the tail wagging happily for our story (our tale).

The definition is not mysterious as nothing is truly mysterious in straight talk. Only when someone wants to confuse you does language become difficult. Obscuring communication will do that for ya. Can't see when it's not clear. And you will always be in a fog.

John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot