Senlis said:

Why do you want to wait for DOTA 2?  It is basically the same game as DOTA with pretty graphics and better online.  The same thing with Starcraft 2, and I hate it when I hear people approve of this.  They should be working to push the gameplay forward not stagnating in place.  That is the problem I had with HoN is that it sounded too much like DOTA, like they don't have any ideas how to make the game better.  You may not like the changes LoL made to the formula, but at least they are doing something.

That being said, I agree with some of the posters that LoL isn't a very stable game.  It should play a lot smoother and frequently disconnects.  However, I think some of the same posters exaggerate the issues.

I hope someday, someone will release a Marvel vs. DC DOTA game.  I think it would be really cool to play with someone like Magneto.  Makes me think what his ult would be.

Certain games are just right where they should be. It's like a sport, eventually people just find the right balance with the rules and everything just gels. DOTA is one of those games that just plays great even with all the limitations of the WC3 engine it's still chugging along on. DOTA 2 will have improvements and changes but they're keeping all the things that make DOTA great while trying to fix the original's flaws. Just because you can change something doesn't always mean you should.