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Ya know, I'm really tired of this obfuscation (obscuring, fogging, confusion-making) that goes on around here when it comes to companies being forthright with their performances.

THESE are the definitions.

Shipped = Sold to retailers ready to be stocked in the stores. Shipped by ship, train, and truck to the store waiting to be bought. On its way to the stores to be placed on the storeshelves.

Sold = Sold to customers who BUY the already-shipped and stocked goods off of the storeshelves. USED by these customers and enjoyed as a product in their homes or favorite locales.

THAT'S the definitions. Not MADE and sent to company warehouses to prepare for shipping. Not SOLD to retailers which means nothing except in terms of supply for customers. Not in the process of being made. Not planned on being made. Not sitting at the docks in limbo.

Shipped by transport and sold to paying customers is the ONLY definition of those words. Corporations love to make this shaky talk. Non-GAAP on the financial statements. A buncha of bull! What's on the damn books NOW not what may be or will be? That's another issue. Quit playing games to make the stockholders feel confident in their investment. Being honest is best policy regardless of consequences when dealing with other people's money.

Quit trying to reinvent English and speaking all 1984-ish.

John Lucas

Words from the Official VGChartz Idiot