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I've been collecting books for the last five years and I've now got over a thousand of them  filling up the bookshelves of my crowded bedroom. I also don't read as much as I use to and I really miss it. I love physically holding a book while reading, but I hate having to carry a bunch of them around whenever I travel and I also hate not having the choice to choose what I want to read at a moments notice. My obsession with buying an E - Reader was sparked by two things. The first was when my copy of The Whisky Rebels (I recommend it) wouldn't fit into my man bag and so I had to walk around my school like an idiot with a book in my hand. The second involves the scarcity of manga in Melbourne, I really don't like pirating manga, but sometimes I have no choice when the best options I have is to pick up random volumes of Naruto or Fruits Basket from my not so local Borders bookstore, I'd much rather buy digital copies and subscribe to some sort of service. It also doesn't help that 'new' books/manga are becoming extremely overpriced in Melbourne and I've noticed that the digital copies sell for much less.

Here are my questions:

1) What's the best E - Reader on the market?

2) Can I get one with colour?

3) Can I read manga on them?

4) Are they comfortable to hold?

5) Does anyone prefer them to actual books?

6) How many books can one hold on average?

7) Am I better off waiting until the technology gets better?

8) Should I just get an I-Pad?

Thanks for the help.

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