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Wii rocks... But i have to agree. I play Metroid prime hunters online on my DS and the games i buy now are Gamecube games that i never picked up and which are like 10 $ now (I only buy NGC top 50 titles)

Bought last week for all about 10 US$:

-Timesplitters: 2.

-Beyond good and evil.

-StarWars rogue squadron: Rogue leader III.

-Eternal darkness: Sanity's requime (or something)

-I was planning on picking up Resi 4 for 15 US$... But i noticed it was coming out for Wii this month... So im gonna buy that one for 30$... Cause it has the Ada Wong

-Super paper mario (Wii - 50$)...

-Pokémon: Diamond DS. 35 $.