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Well I meant you should probably use that data instead of just the firearm count...if you're going to put out data. I'm still wondering where this is going. Yeah, the culture here sucks and there's lots of stupid people killing others, but I'm not convinced that guns are the problem, and whether or not making them illegal would help either.

I only want you to think about the posible link between firearms and crimes. (FBI data)

14,121 murders in 2004 - 9,326 were with firearms = 4795 murders without firearms. think about it


i think you have named the problem, the responsability, so you have to be sure who you are selling the firearm to, because you can be selling a gun to a murderer.

More murders with firearms because firearms are the weapons of choice typically. If guns did not exist these murders would have likely occurred with knives or other murder weapons. Perhaps not 9000, but certainly not all or most of those murders occurred simply because of the's the murderer.

Listen, you can go for restricting or abolishing guns, but you're going to have a hard time proving that it would do anything.

On point, until very recently Washington DC had the stristest gun control laws in the entire nation. This began in 1976, at which point the crime rate (including violent crimes) rose significantly higher than pre 1976 levels and have only risen higher. So more gun control laws were passed; the crime rate rose. Washington D.C is one of the most dangerous cities in America.