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Sir Cedric said:
SpaceJase said:
Is this poor guy expected to wave a magic wand and PS3 titles just appear out of thin air? It was a decent article up to that point.

1.  Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Ships 6/26/07

2.  NCAA Football 08  - Ships 7/17/07 

3. Lair - Ships 7/31/07

4. Warhawk - Ships 8/1/2007

5. Madden NFL 08  - Ships 8/14/07

6. Heavenly Sword - Ships 9/4/2007

SOCOM 4 and Killzone 2 release before Christmas

To be honest that seems like a sad little list ...

8 Games representing 4 genres of which one is a port of an XBox game (Ninja Gaiden), one is a sequel of a pretty "meh" game (Killzone 2), the fourth installment of a series who's quality and sales keep droping with each installment (SOCOM), 2 football games one of which is available for wrist watches, and a bunch of untested properties.

If you're going to put multi-platform games on the list (Madden) you should put GTA, Devil May Cry, and other quality multiplatform games on the list instead of some of the games you listed.