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Sir Cedric said:
SpaceJase said:
Is this poor guy expected to wave a magic wand and PS3 titles just appear out of thin air? It was a decent article up to that point.

1.  Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Ships 6/26/07

2.  NCAA Football 08  - Ships 7/17/07 

3. Lair - Ships 7/31/07

4. Warhawk - Ships 8/1/2007

5. Madden NFL 08  - Ships 8/14/07

6. Heavenly Sword - Ships 9/4/2007

SOCOM 4 and Killzone 2 release before Christmas

It actually was a silly comment.  A good game takes about two years to make at the least.  Some take damn near five years.  He can't just "juice up" the PS3's lineup.
That's also a poor list.  I think the only thing on that list that will sell well are Madden NFL 08 and Lair, and Lair is about the only game on that list that isn't an Xbox remake that looks good.