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Number 27

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

More Mikami. Resident Evil 4 was somehting of a stylistic reboot for the series, a game that would end up shaping the entire genre of 3rd person shooters for years to come.

2005 was a strong year, and Resident Evil 4 made an impression in standing out from the rest of the pack. And why not? It was scary, thrilling, difficult in spots, and made probably the least-obnoxious use of Quick Time Events of any game in the industry. It was pure enjoyment from start to finish, a game that remembered to never take itself seriously (because let's face it, games are at their best when they know that they are being silly) but treated the player as seriously as possible. It featured a subtle adjustment of difficulty over time according to how well the player was doing. It was just one of the best-designed games of the age.

And the Wii version made it better, including all the modes that made the first two versions so great (including the PS2's extra content and the Mercenaries mode that both versions shared) and tacking onto them controls that added on a whole new level of playability and fun. Resident Evil 4 is a game that will wink at you even as you shoot it in the face with a shotgun. Who could ask for more? Nobody.