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Number 35

F-Zero X

When I gamed primarily on the N64 I was enchanted by the idea of speed as presented in a 3-D space. Remember Extreme-G? Loved that game. But I had never played F-Zero, as I hadn't owned an SNES when the system was relevant; I didn't know exactly what was waiting for me. I picked up F-Zero X because I heard it was fast.

Ever since then, all racing games - all racing games - are stopgaps between F-Zero titles.

F-Zero X in particular is a game steeped in speed, and everything else is secondary to that. Controls are tight and very responsive, I've never had a problem playing the game, and unlike its sequel it is almost relentlessly fair for a racing game. F-Zero X sacrificed graphics for smoothness and speed, as was appropriate, and it would be impossible to be happier with a racing game based on that alone.

Well, that's not true. F-Zero X also featured several other really fun modes (like the Knock Everyone the Hell Out of the Race race) and a random track generator - these tracks were so fun that I find it unconscionable that we haven't had one since. For shame! For shame to everyone.

F-Zero X is the most fun you can have driving a space car, and if that statement doesn't make your head want to explode with the implications then you aren't thinking hard enough.