We all know that the PS3 is the most powerful and the most complex console in the market. The problem is, its a dust collector, and at any second I could get the YLOD!!!!! I ain't opening such a complex console to finally play games on it.

I ask my friends about this worrying problem and he gave me a list of games and told me to pirate them. I told him "I'll never pirate you pirate!" and he told me, " but its so easy,you have to learn how to hack it though, here, have a look at this video" He gave me the video and I got this.

If you didn't look at the video because you don't trust me, he gave me a video about a strange man dancing. I mean, yeah, Its great to see a good dancer once in a while, but that doesn't solve the problem. I don't know what to do with the dust I have in my ps3 >:l