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Number 37

Star Fox 64

This is my favorite rail shooter ever made (though if the list were a bit longer, Panzer Dragoon Orta would be on it). It looked great, it sounded great, the rumble pack was used excellently, and it's built on top of mechanics that are still fun to play today. A perfectly timeless rail shooter. I sank so many hours into this game that it doesn't bear talking about. I got all the medals in Normal and Ace mode, though that may not sound like a lot to some people.

Interestingly, the only part of the game that didn't age as well as the rest was the multiplayer mode, which was a staple of the Nintendo 64's multiplayer landscape for years. Still, even with only the single player to really recommend it, this game is pure, solid fun. Whether you're fighting on land, sea, or (especially) air, there isn't more fun to be had in the genre.