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Number 39

Kirby Super Star Ultra

YEEEEEEAH! Let me tell you about Kirby Super Star Ultra. First, you take one of the best platformers ever made ever (Kirby Super Star is pretty much the height of the genre you guys). Now, add on several new game modes, the ability to play as Meta Knight, enhanced boss fights, an enhanced boss rush mode so hard I never actually got around to beating it, and super-cool Kirby FMV story sequences and what do you get?

You get hot liquid joy injected straight into your eyeballs! Your brain catches fire as you blast through Revenge of Meta Knight, tears of exuberance stream down your face as you kick Dynablade right in her beaked head, and the earth opens up beneath you in a joyous yawn as you play the role of Meta Knight himself. Kirby Super Star Ultra is pure fun, chock full of excellent music and timeless art, a game that you can play forever and never get sick of. There's so much content crammed in this game that I feel like I'm doing it a disservice by trying to talk about it in this small space, so I will leave it at this: if Kirby Super Star Ultra can't make you at least a little happy when you play it, you are probably dead.