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rocketpig said:
windbane said:

Oh really? Then why is Bungie not implementing anti-aliasing in Halo 3 that looks pretty bad so far? When asked if they would, they stated something like "we'll see, we're not sure yet." I guess they don't know about this magic buffer.

In all fairness, Motorstorm launched with no AA. Halo 3 is still 4 1/2 months away and Bungie is polishing up the game. They still might add AA.

But if they don't, I'll be the first person in the disappointment line.


Fair enough.  They were questioned about it recently and couldn't say for sure that they would.  I know they are focused on gameplay, and that's the most important part, but I still thought there would be more of a graphical enhancement from Halo 2.  Does Halo 3 run at 60fps?  I assume it does.  I know Gears ran at 30fps to get its' results.