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Number 43

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Man I love the Fire Emblem theme. It is just tops. It's really great in this game, which had a great soundtrack all the way through. In point of fact, this game had great everything: great design, great battles, great artstyle, excellent pacing, good writing, excellent setting and worldbuilding, on and on and on. It served as the endcap to the story begun in Path of Radiance, but ended up being much bigger and grander and more spectacular than its predecessor. It's rock-hard, fun almost beyond reason, and comes with dozens of reasons to play the game over and over again. For a game as long as this one (40 hours is a good guess for a single run-through), its replayability is absolutely stunning. Beating missions feels immensely satisfying, and few things are mroe fun than experimenting with the many different makeups that your effective army can have. It's also one of the very few strategy RPGs that manages to pull off the "horrifyingly huge and powerful final bosses" in a way that is fair, fun, and immensely satisfying. Great game up, down, and sideways.