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Number 44

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Can you name a game more complete than Smash Bros. Brawl? No, you can't. I defy you to do it. This game is so bursting with content that I can't be assed to unlock all of it, in spite of my immense, burning love of the game and everything it stands for. I take back what I said about Mario Kart: this is the most fun you can have with four people sitting on a couch. It's a long love letter to Nintendo fans and an excellent brawler besides, the spirit of the perfect party game injected into a mold so vast and pleasingly shaped that no real complaint can be leveled against it. It's got what may be the best soundtrack of all time, so much nostalgia that it's painful to consider, excellent and eye-popping graphics, and the single best fighting game lineup of all time. I could not ask for more. How they're going to top this on the next system is anyone's guess.