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FishyJoe said:
larry said:
Dolla Dolla said:
ioi said:

As of March 31st

5.5m PS3 produced

3.6m sold to retailers

~3.0m sold to customers

600,000 on shelves, 1.9 million in warehouses.

By the way, larry, if you want people to believe you (which very few do), you might want to post links for proof. No one can find these numbers you keep spouting. They seem to be dreamed up.

by march 31st,2007

5.5 million ps3s were shipped to retailers .

around 3.1 million out of 5.5 m were sold to consumers.

official word from SONY.



6 m were shipped by april 12,2007


Larry, just stop. You are making a complete fool out of yourself.

Here is the direct quote from the financial report:

Production shipments of hardware and software units are counted upon shipment of the products from manufacturing bases. Sales of such products are recognized when the products are delivered to customers.

Manufacturing bases = factory

Customers = Retailers

products from the maufacturing bases

means FOB/freight in transit.

It doesnt mean products sitting in warehouses.

customers=end purchasers who are YOU and ME .