daroamer said:
OntheEdgeofthemirror said:

I am getting really annoyed at people saying kinect has potential it doesn't, pretty much everything it can do the eye toy already did, sure it can do them a little bit better but thats about it, super mario is pretty much the most basic game there is and kinect can't even play that decently, you can even decide how high you want to jump, all platformers of any kind won't work with kinect, same with anything where you have to move in a 3d world, so whats left, what kinect already has and thats it 

Eyetoy did not have 3D depth sensing.  Eyetoy did very little of what Kinect can do.  The only thing you could do with Eyetoy was watch for areas in the field of view where something (anything) interfered between it and the background.  It didn't know or care where a person was, it couldn't identify you, it couldn't map your body, it couldn't see you in 3D.  A game like Joyride is impossible on Eyetoy because once your hands are in front of your body it has no way of tracking them because it can't see depth.

The only thing they share is the RGB camera and that is not really used for gameplay with Kinect, just to snap photos and shoot video mostly.

So get annoyed all you want but at least learn what you're talking about first or else you're just getting upset for no reason.

1. It does know where the person once, it can map your body (saw it in a move tech demo, but it was the eye alone doing the mapping http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoeea0x4LxM time code 5:09) it has trouble with depth without the move yes but you can use algorithms to guess how far based on size to make up for it 

2. You are right on the identification but that has nothing to do with 3D camera it's software MS recently patented (2D laptop cams can do it with the software, if the software was used on pseye I see no reason it wouldn't work)

3. As for seeing you in 3D the only point you are right on what but again it can guess how far away you and and what exactly are the advantages of that gaming wise? There are almost no games where you move yourself on a 3D plane, kinect joy ride being the exception, of course that one is semi on rails the amount the game automatically guides you and you really only move from side to side I don't see how pseye couldn't do it, it would just need more obvious movements but thats about it the game isn't impossible you just have to change how it controls which really wouldn't be the hard 

You are the one that doesn't know what they are talking about not me