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Lyrikalstylez said:

its funny how this is shipped lol

just how they lied to us before, face it going by the numbers they sold last month 1 million(which was shipped)

I doubt they sold 3 million in another one, face it kinect so far has been selling better

What does Kinect sales have to do with this?

Also explain the Move controllers selling for much higher than retail on sites like Amazon and eBay.


How are these numbers lying? You saying they didn't really ship 4.1M?


I don't get the point of your post at all.

sony is sugar coating us again by simply going by shipped numbers and not revealing actual sold move units

so going by this logic MS could have said that kinect sold 5 million kinects instead of 2.5

You think Sony gives a flying sh*t about how many PS Moves we think they sold?