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CrazzyMan said:
@Louie, Boy, you propbably don`t understand, that ps3 exclusives owns everything what x360 or wii will have in 2007-2008 ??? btw, PS3 worldwide OUTSELLS x360. @omgwtfbbq. LOL, it`s only half a year has passed. There is nothing to disscuss, only poor x360 sales AFTER 1,5 YEAR! ps2 in first year made 10 mln. in second 20 mln. in third also 20 mln. x360 won`t make 20 mln in 2nd year. ps3 may make 10 mln. in first year. and depending on price and BIG exclusive games may make 20 mln in 2nd year. @mrstickball, wii is also must have console, like ps3. But x360, soon or later, all games will go to pc, and soon or later you will have to upgrade your pc, so the only reason to buy x360 today, if you want to play some timed exclusive games earlier. =)

PS3 is doing worse than Xbox 360 in the same timeframe, i don't know what you are trying to pull with that statement

if this happens i'll call you something you probably have never been called before in your life "possibly educated"