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Charts of last week becomes unexpected...


1. FFT (PSP)

2. FF12RW (DS)

3. Super Paper Mario (Wii)

4. Wii Sports (Wii)

5. More Brain Training (DS)

6. Momotaro Electric Railway DS (DS)

7. New Super Mario Bros (DS)

8. Big Brain Academy (Wii)

9. More English Training for Adults (DS)

10. Brain Training (DS)


Almost 2 years from Brain Training was released... But, It is in Top 10.


Numbers just comes


FFT (PSP) : about 170k



NDS : about 160k 

PS3 : less than 10k (about 9k in some rumors)

PS2 : more than PS3

PSP : about 30k (Few effects by FFT)


Source :


Forsights of First day of 5/17, Japan.

There is no noted soft. To stretch a point, Ordin Sphere (PS2, Atlas). Is 15~20k a reasoneble prediction?

Oops, I forgot very important soft. Shining Wind (PS2, Sega). Probably 40k or more only preorders?


Some Info

First Shipments of DQS will become about 250k...

If you need something about Japanese market from the perspective of Japanese, please contact me.