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The interview is good and I get where he's coming from because if this law passes it will affect game sales but he's exagerating the consequences to push people to react.

I have to admit I don't feel threatened by this law, mostly because I'm 30 years old and in Canada so I can buy whatever I want when I want but I don't believe publishers will stop making M rated games if it should pass. Even if they're labelled 18 in California.  Even if retailers can get fined for selling them to minors. Sure it will cut a bit in the sales but there's so many gamers over 18 that they'll still make good money (also let's not forget parents buying them for their underaged kids).

It's illegal to sell cigarettes and alcohol to minor in Canada and there's HUGE fines if they get caught doing it but that doesn't discourage retailers from carying cigarettes and alcohol in their stores. The same thing would apply if this were to happen to games.

For the record, I do believe this law is pretty stupid and pointless.

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