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Smeags said:
dtewi said:

Oh, yeah, I'm gonna be on vacation from the 18th to the 22nd, so I'm gonna add 5 extra games on the 23rd.

But first, I need to find 50 games I actually like.

Oh, and are we posting boxarts of the game or just the name?

If you wanna make it pretty, go for it. I don't mind. I'll probably do box arts too.

Just... be reasonable with it. You know what's good and what's overdone.

W00t! Two pages of artwork per game!

Kimi wa ne tashika ni ano toki watashi no soba ni ita

Itsudatte itsudatte itsudatte

Sugu yoko de waratteita

Nakushitemo torimodosu kimi wo

I will never leave you