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LET's roll.

50: Devil may cry-PS2

49: Quake 3-XBOX

48: Halo 2-XBOX

47 : Tomb Raider-PS

46: Super Mario kart-SNES

45: Contra-NES

44: The legend of Zelda-NES

43: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance-Xbox

42:Pitfall-Atari 2600

 41: Ironsword - Wizards and Warriors-NES

40:Need for Speed: Underground-Xbox

39: Sonic-Sega

38. Tony Hawk Pro Skater-ps1

37. Grand theft auto 3-PS2

36. Final Fantasy X--ps2

35. Splinter cell: chaos thoery- Xbox


33. Tony hawk 2-PS

32.FInal fantasy 2-SNES

31.Call of Duty: MW-XBOX 360

30.Rampart- Atari

29.Mike Tyson Punch out- NES

28.Bioshock- Xbox 360

27.F-Zero- SNES

26.Mortal Kombat 1- SNES

25. Dante's inferno-XBOX 360

24. Mass Effect-xbox 360

23.Dead space-xbox 360

22. Resident Evil-ps1

21. Halo reach-xbox 360

20.Super Mario World-SNES

19.Super Contra- SNES

18. Ninja Gaiden-xbox


16.Zelda II: the adventure of link-NES

15.Super Mario Bros 2-NES

14.Donkey Kong Country-SNES

13.DOOM 3- Xbox

12.Mortal Kombat 2-SNES

11.Ninja Gaiden-NES

10.Gears of War-Xbox 360

9.Mega Man 2-NES

8.Contra ALien wars-SNES

7.Final Fantasy III-SNES