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This game is why I didn't really get any sleep last night.  I climbed a giant tree, punching my way up through the leaves to build a staircase,and I chopped it all down from the top.  I got 53 logs out of it, turned that into 212 pieces of wood, and used all that wood (and some glass I smelted out of the sand) to create an EVIL OFFICE.  It's all wood and glass, and sexy as hell, lit by several torches.  Then I put my workbench, furnace, and chest in back, built a stairway down forever until I found a coal deposit.  Then I dug down until I found a river of lava.  Then I dug a path for it to spread the lava around, until it got to a a dead end.  Then I found a giant underground cave, so I followed it to a giant super-fast super-loud river.  So I hopped in.  It pushed me around a corner, and there were monsters everywhere.  This is basically the basement of my evil office.

I'll be back after I learn how to make a bow and some arrows.  And then it's on.

Can't wait for the Halloween update.

When I have time, maybe tomorrow, I'll post some screenshots of what I've been up to.  I don't know if I can get multiplayer to work on this ancient caveman computer, but I'll be getting a nice new PC soon (maybe around Black Friday?), and then IT'S ON.