4k1x3r said:

The links with release dates sucks, it's not even updated...

Obvious choice: PS3, because :

-Killzone 3 (confirmed)

-Uncharted 3 (1 game / 2 years, uc1 2007, uc2 2009 so uc3 2011)

-Motorstorm 3 (confirmed)

-LittleBigPlanet 2 (confirmed)

-inFamous 2 (confirmed)

-The Last Guardian (confirmed)

-Twisted Metal (confirmed)

-Resistance 3 (kind of confirmed)

-Ratchet All4One (confirmed)

-Socom 4 (confirmed)

-Yakuza 4 (confirmed)

-Virtua Tennis 4 (confirmed)

-Ico&SotC Collection (confirmed)

most likely:

-Starhawk (i think it's time to release the game...)

-The Agent

-Final Fantasy vs XIII (at least in Japan in 2011) and some more.


"That's all" for 2011... fuck this, I won't have enough money, but... I want them all.

When I think about all the multiplat that I want too it gives me a headache. And what rocks about PS3 line up is again and again the same thing: Variety.

ps. Don't forget the Move games. (i'm not interested in them so I didn't list them)

i'll second that