Um yea you could say I like LOVE minecrack.

I put in around 40 hours in the first 10 days i owned this game. It's incredable!

Multiplayer servers are ok but i don't like to play them atm as they are not real survivor mode. There is no damage on them yet, so i stick to single player. But if VGC made one i would join.

The game was made by one man, Notch, but he has hired like 4 or so more people and started a company since. Valve has flown him out to there offices and I think they have tried to recruit him. But he lives in sweeden and turned it down. The guys at valve have been playing the game like crazy, i expect a portal 2 delay...=0)

The games graphics are what they are and eventhough the games in an Alpha state the graphics are not going to change much, although you can get skin packs that make it look much better. If your a graphic whore this might not be ther game for you. If you are that graphics whore then i feel sorry for you. Your short sighted need for uber graphic will cost you to miss an amazing game and has probibly done so for you in the past im sure.

This game has caused me to do something i have always wanted to do but have been  too intimidated to do in the past. I have started a yourtube let's play of a game with commentary lol.

Oh and also check this out is funny as hell.