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Wow, I'm loving this game so far! Haven't played a game this addictive for quite awhile.. Just started playing a few days ago, and I've already spent countless hours on it. I built a pretty beastly multi level castle that no enemy has been able to penetrate and have begun a huge mining endeavor under the castle. It's just amazing, it never seems to end. I still haven't hit the bottom yet, and I must have spent a good 12 hours digging deeper. I recently found some gold and diamond, really a feeling of accomplishment when you finally come across some. I think that's the main draw to this game to me, the fact that everything you do is rewarding in some way as well as the complete freedom to explore and craft.

Strangely I haven't really gotten in trouble much from the enemies themselves, but rather the lava, which I accidentally touched while venturing a little too deep in my cave, and I think all the stuff I was carrying sunk in the lava when I died.. So yeah kinda irked about that, but that aint gonna stop me!