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I Believe That The PS3 Will Be The Number One Selling Consoles In 2011



Consoles sold each year by VGC


2006 2.9

2007 16.4

2008 24.4

2009 21.8



2005 1.1

2006 6.7

2007 7.8

2008 11

2009 10.2



2006 1.2

2007 7.6

2008 9.7

2009 12.6


Consoles sold each year by company starting Jan-Dec


2006 3.1

2007 17

2008 24.9

2009 22.5



2005 1.5

2006 8.8

2007 7.3

2008 10.8

2009 10.2



2006 1.7

2007 8.8

2008 10.7

2009 12.4


So far for 2010 VGC

Wii 8.7 last year at this time 9.3 -600k

360 6.4 last year at this time 5.1 1.3M

PS3 6.7 last year at this time 5.6 1.1M


So far for 2010 by company

Wii 6.5 last year at this time 7.6

360 3 last year at this time 2.9

PS3 4.6 last year at this time 2.7


       I've been reading alot of comments lately here on VGChartz things like "Wii is in trouble" and "360 is a sales beast" ect. ect., but what i have not been seeing in my reading is anything really about the PS3 except maybe that GT5 is in big trouble. This has got me sad , not the part about GT5 but part that no one is really seeing that mass potential for Sonys PS3 next year .  I believe that next year Sonys PS3 will have multiple sales explosions causing it to sell the most of any console.  Why do i believe this you ask? well if you look at current Wii vs PS3 sales Wii is only above it by 2M for this year, this time last year it was over 4M, i believe that around this time or earlier in Aug-Sep the PS3 Wii gap will be closer to only 1M for 2011, i believe that Sony will slash the price of the PS3 this time next year and the PS3 will erase that 1M gap to take the lead before the year ends. 

As for PS3 vs 360 there really hasnt been much of a threat with the 360, PS3 gots Japan on lock by alot this will continue in 2011, and the same can be said in EMEAA, as you can see by the latest numbers only 2 weeks after 360s mammoth Reach launch the gap between the two in EMEAA is only 10k this weekly gap will be gone and in PS3s favor very shortly with new PS3 skus releasing and GT5. Just look at Dead Rising 2s sales for EMEAA only 10k apart didnt 360 have exclusive DLC and has even more exclusive DLC coming? doesnt 360 have a over 2M lead in UK? doesnt 360s version run and look better?  Also look at the growth in yearly sales above, PS3 already hit way passed 12M in a year and will do the same again this year while 360s sales have been relatively flat year after year only barely breaking 11M once, also look at COD pre orders in NA same case again 360s are relatively flat while PS3 have grown significantly.  This trend will continue in 2011

As for some other reasons why i believe in this just look at PS3s SW line up its pretty much game after game month after month of PS3 exclusives. LBP2, MotorStorm3D, Killzone3D, Socom4, Twisted Metal, Yakuza 4 Infamous 2, Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One, ICO Shadow of Colossus Collection, The Last Guardian, Dynasty Warriors 7, Virtual Tennis 4, Star Drone and other possibilities The Agent, Star Hawk, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Sly Cooper 4, Uncharted 3 and those FF games.  I also believe that there will be a PS3 sku revision that adds extra features along with a price cut. Now you can say the same for 360Wii but there already priced at $199 and had deals of $149 and even $99 already also i dont think Wii will get a revision and the 360 already got one.

I also believe sony is like myself they like to hide and stay behind cover when battling they didnt rush to go to $299 or rush to get certain games out, there waiting for the right time when there opponent is at there weakest, i believe the 360 and Wii have used up pretty much everything in there arsenal for this console war, i believe they have run out of breath now, in 2011 PS3 will come out of cover blind firing and then charging out with its SW lineup and pricing strategy


Now post what you believe in


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