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zuvuyeay said:
gurglesletch said:
Severance said:
Boutros said:

It still won't make me buy their awful piece of trashy food.

>_>; you're a Mcdonalds person?

I am. SInce i work there.

gurgles should be able to tell us if he knows what goes on behind the scene

should we eat there,

obviously when your're young you want Mcdonalds,well i did anyway,not sure why,advertising i guess,i used to like wendys here in the uk but they seem to have gone,

no one should eat it all the time,but aslong as they use real meat/fish its fine,it was more like the way they produced their food like mass/intensive ways that got them stick,but anyway you make your own choices,personally i think there are nicer burgers out there to eat than fast food types

I have only worked front counter but it seems ok. My only major thing is that people who have been touching money make  ice cream cones.