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Boutros said:
Kasz216 said:
Boutros said:
Adobo said:
TukTuk said:
Severance said:
Boutros said:

It still won't make me buy their awful piece of trashy food.

>_>; you're a Mcdonalds person?

no that's pretty trashy too

he's too cool to eat those...

Yeah I'm so cool I eat tofu.

I hope you don't eat too much of it.  Tofu and Soy are actually pretty unhealthy.

Of course tofu is good for the health. It's much more healthy than meat. It contains less fat, prevents a lot of cardic diseases and contains most of the proteins your body needs.

But I don't eat that much of it anyway.

It's actually not more healthy then meat.  Espiecally not for men.

You've got to look into what modern soy and tofu are really.  All the additives and what happens to soy and tofu after it's cooked.  (I'm guessing you don't eat it raw.)

I wouldn't eat tofu anymore then I eat Fast Food.