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Kasz216 said:
Boutros said:
Kasz216 said:
Boutros said:
Severance said:
Boutros said:

It still won't make me buy their awful piece of trashy food.

>_>; you're a Mcdonalds person?

I'm a no fast food person. Thank Super Size Me!

You do realize his problem was that he ate at Mcdonalds everday for like a month.

If you ate anything for every meal for a month you'd get sick.

Plenty of good reasons to not eat fast food... but supersize me is a bad reason.  It was just some guy who was willing to risk his life for some publicity.

It's not about his 30 day goal.

He gave a lot of other information and statistic that showed how unhealthy fast food is.

I also had to do a research about childhood obesity after watching the movie at school and I learned a lot more information about it.

And even one fast food meal per week is way too much.

Yeah.  Once or twice a month is what you'd want to aim for... for the average person.

Of course the real issue with nutrtion is that everyone is different and everyone has different body chemistries.

Really, your body will tell you the right amount to eat of anything... if you listen to it.

This is stuff pretty much EVERBODY already knows.  He just wanted to harp on a point, make a movie that'd make him some money and set his girlfriend up for a cook book.

It'd be like if some healthy guy who runs marathons decided to smoke cigarrettes for a month and to stop running to see the health effects.  It'd be negative.... very.   People know that.

Most people just don't care though.

Some people think it's okay to eat fast food as long as you excercise regularly. Those people don't know.