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FaRmLaNd said:
hasanwhy said:
FaRmLaNd said:
hasanwhy said:
FaRmLaNd said:

I loathe cultural relatavism.

I don't care what you're culture is, what you're religion is or what you're philosophical ideology is. If you do a practice that is harmful or an unwarranted restriction of a persons rights, and if this can be clearly shown through the use of logic, reason and evidence then I will condemn it at every single opportunity. I have no issue with the parts of culture that enrich life, such as art, music, food, dance, architecture etc. But the moment something is overtly harmful, an instrument of segregation, an unwarranted restriction of rights etc then you will find me in opposition intellectually.

If a behavior is warranted as being criminal than it will be fought against by either followers of other cultures or by members of that religion, culture, or school of thought. Someway or somehow, hopefully. Although I understand the argument you are trying to make you certainly just cannot view the world by saying this is right and this is wrong. This type of view will just obstruct your logical reasoning behind as to why they are being performed and to how it began et cetera, et cetera, and et cetera. 

Cultures throughout the world aren't perfect. There are good and bad aspects about each of them, but to simply say that a person's decision isn't influenced by a certain portion of the culture that they reside in isn't really right. Its much easier to just say that such and such is wrong then leave it be. Quite understandable.

And why shouldn't I be allowed to criticise other cultures? We're all human.

I can and I will say what is right and wrong, I will not accept a call to tradition as a warranted reason for something to exist. If a female is married off at 6 then I will object. Do you know why? Becuase medically it can be shown that its damaging to a person that isn't fully developed. Logic, reason and EVIDENCE.

Why would the proponents of certain cultural practices need to hide behind cultural relatavism? Thats an  attempt to shut down an argument for no good reason. Why be so insecure? If they think what they do is right, then they can argue it with me and if they can show me that, then fine. I will no longer resist something.

Crimes such as rape or marriage of an underage girl is wrong. I agree that it is not right and should be seen as a crime in that culture. 

You can criticize a culture all you want. You are a free individual who has the right to do so. But where are you basing your judgments and perception of right and wrong from? From your culture. And does your culture defeat the culture of other humans who live farther away from you and don't misbehave in such activities?  

I agree with you that atrocities that involve sexual acts with a child is wrong and shouldn't be allowed within a culture. But If I were take my views of right and wrong and criticize some other culture that do not have such acts, wouldn't I seem like a jerk then? Am I right on saying whether that a way that a person lives, legally of course, is wrong because I don't like a certain aspect of it? 

What is your story friend? I feel as though if you describe the life that you have lived then I will be better able to understand your adamant stance on this matter.  Are you trying to stay away from the culture that were born into? 

No. Logic, reason and evidence. If thats my own culture then fine. Sure everyone has bias, but I try to separate it from my opinion as much as possible. If a child is molested, then it can hurt them physically and psychologically, and I doubt it would take long for me to find such relevant information to support such a claim. That is not an opinion based on my culture, that is not an opinion based on a call to tradition.

Culture changes, and I would like to help change it. If I was born in Australia 100 years ago, chances are I'd be a white supremacist bigot, a Christain, an ardent monarchist, against gay rights and pro sexual segregation. I'm none of those things, many of them were caused by being born into a later age but many of them are not. Why hide behind cultural relatavism? Culture is not this encompassing thing that cannot change, and if a practace can be shown to be wrong,then that cultural practice is wrong. I certainly am critical of my own culture all the time, but I feel no need to be quiet when its anothers. The media's pressure on Iran has on occasions stopped executions there. Are you going to tell me the that the free press and human rights organisations shouldn't be able to criticise Iran over executing people for stupid reasons?

The only way to understand one another and to improve the world is to have open direct dialogue and a free exchange of ideas. That involves criticism when its applicable.

True, all so very true. If I have described culture as this unstoppable behemoth that we all bow down towards, then I may need to do some editing. Culture can be changed, worked around, and or even forgotten over time, I was merely stating that it helps to define some of our actions. Although as human beings, we tend to shape ourselves and who we want to be. Culture helps points us in a certain direction but that doesn't necessarily mean we have to follow that laid-out path. 

And logic, reason, and evidence, isn't just used by yourself alone, I believe lawyers also use them as well. I try using them time to time. 

One of the most amazing reasons of being born into this time is the amount of progression that we humans have gone through. In this day and age, we don't have to follow the paths of our fore-fathers no longer. We can make our own future based on our own merit. I truly believe that since we as a race have progressed past old world thinking that we can relieve ourselves of such practices without being shunned, ostracized, or even stoned to death for being different.  

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