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Some people here are trying to prove that Christianity is a new religion. Can you point out a verse from Bible where Christianity was declared as a religion? Do the term 'Christianity' exists? You say Jesus 'Christ'? But was his name Christ?

Jew is also not a different religion. Their religious book does not provide any verse which use the word 'Jew'.

The fact is that there is only one religion - Islam. From the beginning of the world. This is why Islam is the only religion who recognizes Moses (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) as Prophets. You never find them preach 'Jewism' or 'Christianity'. Some people invented these words and try to portray as they are different religions.

Muhammad (pbuh) was foretold in the Bible. So is the Hindu scriptures talk about him.

Some Muslims may be extremists and I don't want to defend them. Some Christians are also extremists and I don't want to call the whole Christian world 'terrorist'.

But you can't blame the car if the accident is caused for the driver. Muslims and Christians are drivers of the car but some can't drive it and cause accidents. Blame them and not the religion. Because they talk about good things.

Osama hit the Twin Tower or Bush killed thousands of innocent people are not guided by the Quran or Bible. It is the people who chose their path. Why we try to defend them? We should read the holy books with contexts and not without contexts. Some people are very much happy to find out killing verses from Quran out of their contexts. This is evil practice. They try to spread the hatred among peace-loving people like this pastor.

Please read this and educate yourself:


Wikipedia is written by some person like you and me. So, I should not take that as Bible.

I am educated because I read the scriptures comparatively. You just answer my one question - Where is the name of Christianity and Judaism mentioned in the respective religious scriptures?

Christ came from Hebrew Massaiah which is translated into Greek 'Christos' and then re-introduced as 'Christ' in English. So, 'Christianity' came from translation of a translation. Now tell me, if your name is translated twice, can anyone recognize you? Should you be called by that name?

dude, whats your point?

Please read my post and you will get my point. Or at least read the last para.