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Legend11 said:
FaRmLaNd said:

I loathe cultural relatavism.

I don't care what you're culture is, what you're religion is or what you're philosophical ideology is. If you do a practice that is harmful or an unwarranted restriction of a persons rights, and if this can be clearly shown through the use of logic, reason and evidence then I will condemn it at every single opportunity. I have no issue with the parts of culture that enrich life, such as art, music, food, dance, architecture etc. But the moment something is overtly harmful, an instrument of segregation, an unwarranted restriction of rights etc then you will find me in opposition intellectually.

I agree 100% with your post and quoted it because I think it deserves it.  I'm tired of the people making excuses for the way some Islamic countries and people act by saying that we either don't understand or worse that we're the reason (both of which are condescending and insulting).

I agree completely.. though in the hasanwhy's defence, i don't think that's what he meant by his post/thread

He's saying that you shouldn't blame all members of a group for something that a small number of them did which i think is true to a point, unless that group anctually condones said action