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hasanwhy said:

With so many cultures throughout our beautiful world, its almost certain that there will be differences in ideologies and schools of thought. What one act may seem to one group may be seen differently to another and vice-versa. This isn't wrong.

Yes it is.

There are places in the world, where forced sex with 12 year old boys is common. It's part of there culture. That doesn't make it right. It's wrong. I like that you think the world is generally good but just different, but it's just not true.

Most of the countries in the world, are ruled by men and not law. Those countries are not a good in the world.

As for being a Muslim growing up the the US, great. I am glad you're here. The issue I have with Muslims in general, is that being Muslim does not mean the same thing to everyone.

There are many kinds of Muslims. Most are good, but some are bad. What would be great, is if we had two words to distinguish the people who follow Islam that are good (like you), and a word that means the rest of the religion.

In Christianity, we have that breakdown. When people think of religious leaders molesting boys, they don't think of Christians. They think of Catholics. When they think of cult like religions that follow the new testament, we don't think of Christians, we think of Mormons.

I know that if your in Iran, there are names for the different Muslim groups. Those names never make it to America. All we hear, is Muslim. I wish that would change, so when I talk about a group of people who need to be talked about, people don't think I mean you.