Severance said:
insomniac17 said:

I also approve. It's hard not to just stare at the environments in the game. Especially in space. Sad as it may sound, I've spent a good few hours just flying around and looking at the different sectors in the game. It's really an incredible looking game. Not to mention one of the best, if not the best Ratchet games ever. 

And I too am excited for the new R&C game. But that goes without saying.

yeah i get pretty ticked off when people who never played it call it worse looking than Tools, and it was the worst.

some of these guys are basing their little "Facts" off of youtube videos =/

I also dislike all the people who claimed that it was just more of the same, blah. Sure, the Ratchet parts weren't a huge difference; the hoverboots are lots of fun, as are the weapons (as always), but the Clank parts are by far my favorite in the entire series. Those puzzles are a ton of fun... plus, it's just kinda cool to manipulate time. The space combat is mildly entertaining as well, but the best aspect of flying around in space is just looking around. Oh, and the exploring moons thing. That's fun too.

I disagree with anyone who says that ToD is better than ACIT. Though ToD is still great fun.