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so all this 3-d support,i assume we need 3-d tv's,how many people will have these tv's or are these games coming out in a few years time,

i like the new play tv and more catch up tv on the xmb,

and the mubi thing,anything that does movies is good for me

i'm going to have a look at these trailers so thanks for putting them up,

so about PS3 price in the UK £250 for 160gb and £285 for 320gb are these really good for us,i'm not too sure how much with move i think they should have cut the price,if even a little but i guess we knew they wouldn't

didn't hear anything about the PSP apart from comic downloads,hopefully i can watch something on the psn later

when is TGS by the way


                                                                                                                                        Above & Beyond