hatmoza said:


When you asked me what I thought about a lynch, I didn't answer there and then because I stumbled upon an idea. Sorry it took me so long to respond but my answer is yes. I'm for a day one lynch.

Here's what was crossing my mind when I roleclaimed.

Kratos as a serial killer would be more beneficial to the mafia because he would randomly kill people (i.e town or mafia). If I treat him, he would strictly pursue mafia. Me mentioning that he will have the doctors protection most likely didn't sit well with mafia, so it's only natural that they would try to find a way to debunk my story. 

What I'm saying is. Anyone who came up with a highly thought hypothetical situation to try to put a hole in my roleclaim, is probably mafia.

based on what i said and what you guys think. what say you that we put my theory to test and lynch someone who fits that description?


FoS Khuutra and Silver-Tiger

Well even though I am normally heavily against a first day lynch.  Your idea has piqued my interest ever so slightly.  What you say does make sense,  so I would support this idea.