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Boutros said:
Serious_frusting said:
Boutros said:

Woah I'm lost. Isn't the conference in 70 minutes now?

no its in 10 mins.


I shouldnt be telling you this though because i'm such a bully ;)


sorry my mistake its in 70 mins.

lol you "bullied me" (might be a little exaggerated lol) once when I answered one of your question with a couple of words. You said something like "it's retarted to give such a short answer" or something like that and then you went rampage rofl

It was amusing though.

lol i dont even remember. You must have really put somthing stupid for me to react like that lmao. Thast being said though i really do hate short answers. deffo when the person has a dif opinion. I like to know why lmao

Nobody's perfect. I aint nobody!!!

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