TruckOSaurus said:
Kantor said:
TruckOSaurus said:

OMG! You're right! Bad Khuutra bad!

Kantor I want answers! Why did you feel you needed to change your statement?

I realised we hadn't started yet, and didn't want to start discussing the game.

FoS TruckOSaurus for prosecuting me so relentlessly.

I wasn't prosecuting you, I was merely asking for information. Changing the wording of a sentence like you did has to have a good reason, something that  motivates the action. I thought you could be a baddie thinking he said too much or someone with an important role who didn't want to attract attention but I checked out the times of your post and edit and it fits with what you just said so I'm content for now.

Yes I'm quoting myself...

I wanted to ask a follow up question to Kantor. What was it that made you think the game wasn't started yet? GodofWar's post listing people who didn't post or Khuutra telling me to back off until the day starts?

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