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huaxiong90 said:
Solid-Stark said:
disolitude said:
Solid-Stark said:
disolitude said:

There are many games that look superior on the PC. Even console games like Battlefied BC 2 running on DX11 PC look better than Uncharted 2.

Here are some of the reason why PC version Metro 2033 looks better.

Texture detail - Metro 2033 uses 2048^2 texture size...Due to PS3 ram memory limit, Uncharted 2 doesn't even have half that. Put both games on a 1080p 60 inch TV and you see the drifference in textures.

Frame rate - if you have the hardware you can have metro running 60 fps. Once you get used to 60fps gaming, 30 fps looks crap.

DX11- tesselation and filter effect that DX11 do are quite beyond any console game.

Lighting - Even the 360 version of Metro 2033 has some really impressive lighting effects but the PC version has best indoor lighting effect on any game. Smoke, gas, fog, particles...all comes to life.

I will admit that Uncharted 2 is an amazing achievement on the limiting hardware, and is much better optimized than any PC game. PC hardware 10X more powerful than PS3 can run a game like metro 2033 that doesn't look anywhere close to 10X as good...

Thats exactly why im scared of building a gaming PC. I dont want to comprimise my console experience.

lol, you really shouldn't think like that.

I mean games should be played based on fun factor not visuals.

Like me and my 2 buddies have been playing that new Castlevania on xbox live all weekend...and the game looks like utter crap graphically. At the same time, Starcraft 2 is sitting on the side and waiting for me to pick it up again...and it looks really good.

Only when you play games which are available on both PC and consoles, like MEtro 2033... you do feel like you are playing a retarded twin brother version when playing the console version. :)

I didnt mean graphically. It's just that ive gotten used to my ps3 so my first priority for gaming is my ps3. i still play old console, i pluged in N64 about a month ago cuz i felt like playing thru paper mario again, but i remember beating it within a week when i was a kid and right now a month later i only have 4 stars and play it every now and then. My point being i still enjoy past gen games but i'd rather play the latest. PC would become my first priority since games would run overall better.

Even if PC can run games better, there are still games being actively developed for PS3. You could just balance your time between the two.



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