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Antabus said:
disolitude said:

All Japanese developers (especially Capcom) need to play Bayonetta to see the creativity and awesomeness that can only come from Japan.

Humm.. those aren't the first words that come in to my mind when I think of Bayonetta. ;P But hey, it is an opinion. :)

Whats wrong with bayonetta? Has there been a more creative game in that genre this gen than Bayonetta?

Ninja Gaiden 2 was good but a pure rehash, Hevenly Sword was God of War lite with a chick, Devil May Cry was completely bland creativity wise much so that it forces you to replay all the levels 2 times.

God of War 3 I haven't played but pretty much everyone who did has said its more of the same with beefed up presentation...